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The Diocesan Profile

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ –

We welcome your interest and prayerful discernment in our search for the IXth Bishop of the Diocese of Florida.

As you will learn, we are a richly diverse diocese encompassing rural and urban, wealthy and poor, small towns and large cities, tiny parishes and some among the largest in the country. Our diocese is home to top institutions of higher education, the seat of state government, and the oldest continually inhabited city in the United States. Some of our counties are among the fastest growing in the country.

We believe our diocese is ripe with opportunities for growth in the Spirit and in being God’s hands and feet as we do his work in the world. We seek an inspired bishop who will shepherd us into all the possibilities of God’s calling.

Seeking such a person is a holy task steeped in prayer and in listening. Listening to the people of our diocese and listening

to God.

To hear from the people, and navigating this time of pandemic, the Nominating Committee has distributed thousands of written surveys and held more than 20 real-time input sessions with diocesan governing bodies and with parishioners throughout our diocese of 76 parishes and missions in a 25-county region of North Florida.

To hear from God, we spend time in prayer for you, for us, and for the future of our diocese.

We invite you to study this profile, ask questions, see possibilities and pray. And we look forward to meeting you soon.

Peace and Blessings,

Jeffrey Hoffman

Chair of the Nominating Committee

The Diocesan Profile tells the story of the Diocese of Florida and what the clergy and laity of the diocese are seeking in their IXth Bishop. Download or view the PDF of the document at the link below, or scroll through the menu below for a summary of the full profile.


Who We Are

From idyllic small towns to large metropolitan areas, our 25-county diocese blends traditional with modern, simple living with cosmopolitan excitement, and deeply rooted history with an eye to the possibilities of tomorrow.

It is a place we call home. And maybe you will, too.

What We Seek

In preparation to receive applications for
our next bishop, our diocesan Nominating Committee spent several weeks listening to the laity and clergy of our diocese. And we’ve spent many hours in prayer asking for God’s guidance.

Here's what we found.

Profile: Join Us

The Nomination/Application period was open from October 11, 2021 to November 15, 2021 and is now closed. Thank you for your submissions.

Profile: Text
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