Seeking the IXth Bishop of Florida


A Letter from the Nominating Committee

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ –

Seeking candidates for the IXth Bishop of the Diocese of Florida is a combination of prayer, hard work, discernment and listening – listening to God and to the people of our diocese.

To hear you and to understand your desires for the future of our diocese, the Nominating Committee is holding a series of in-person listening sessions planned at locations throughout the diocese and by virtual sessions via Zoom. For additional input, a written survey is being distributed this summer both in printed and online versions. Your opinions are vital to our efforts, and I ask that you prayerfully consider participating.

This website has been developed to keep you informed of the progress being made and to share important information. Once we have gathered input from you, our next step is to develop a profile of the diocese to provide potential candidates information about the richness of the people and ministries of our diocese.

When nominations are open, we expect to receive applications from throughout the Episcopal Church in the United States. Then your Nominating Committee is tasked with interviewing candidates and prayerful deliberation. Our goal is to present a slate of three to five strong candidates for consideration and vote by delegates from each parish.

Our task has been described as a holy one. And it is. We see it as a holy task for all of us in the Diocese of Florida as we are led by the Holy Spirit into the future of our corner of his kingdom.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support.

Peace and Blessings,

Jeff Hoffman

Chair of the Nominating Committee


A Prayer for the Election of Our Bishop

Una Oración Para la Elección de Nuestro Próximo Obispo


Almighty God, giver of every good gift, we pray that you would look graciously upon the Diocese of Florida, and so guide the minds and hearts of the Nominating Committee as they prayerfully select candidates for the election of the next bishop of this diocese, that we may receive a faithful pastor who will care for your people and equip us for our ministries: Guide also the minds and hearts of the candidates who will come before the Nominating Committee, that this process will be a time of discernment and growth in their lives and ministries; through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.

Dios Todopoderoso, dador de todo lo que es bueno y perfecto, oramos para que mires con gracia a la Diócesis de la Florida.  Guía las mentes y los corazones del Comité de Nominaciones mientras seleccionan con espíritu de oración a los candidatos para la elección del próximo obispo de esta diócesis, y así podamos recibir a un pastor fiel que cuide de nuestro pueblo y nos equipe para nuestros ministerios. Guía también las mentes y los corazones de los candidatos que vendrán ante el Comité de Nominaciones, que este proceso será un tiempo de discernimiento y crecimiento en sus vidas y ministerios.  Te pedimos por Jesucristo nuestro Señor. Amén.

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